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Playing a CD


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To play an audio CD, follow these steps:

Lift the CD door. Place the CD, label-side up, on the spindle in the CD well. Gently lower the door closed

press the on/off button once to turn the system on or off

press the cd play button to play the cd. while playing a cd, pressing the cd play button will pause the cd. pressing again will resume play

press the cd stop button to stop. the display briefly shows the disc’s total playing time, and number of tracks

to select a track, press either track/tune button.  pressing track/tune back once skips to the beginning of the current track, and pressing twice skips to the previous track. pressing track/tune forward skips to the next track

to scan through a cd while playing, press and hold track/tune forward to scan forward, or track/tune back to scan backward. release the button to resume play at normal speed


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