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Setting up a second listening zone

Your Lifestyle® home entertainment system can direct sound from one or two sound sources (such as CD, AM/FM tuner, Tape or AUX) to two different listening zones at the same time.

Each listening area, whether a room or a group of rooms (including outdoor areas), is called a zone. Your primary listening area is set up as zone 1.

Before you set up a second zone you will need the following:

  • A Bose® powered speaker system that is compatible with your home entertainment system. An existing stereo system can also be connected; however, a special adapter is required
  • The appropriate Lifestyle® system cable to connect the zone 2 speaker system to the SPEAKER ZONES 2 connector on the rear panel of the media center
  • A second Lifestyle® system remote control to operate the zone 2 sound

Note: See your dealer or contact Bose for information on obtaining additional powered speakers, remote controls, cables and adapters for connecting additional equipment.

To set up a second zone remote control, follow these steps:

Remove the battery compartment cover from the back side of the zone 2 remote to expose the zone code switches

Make sure the house code switches (1, 2, 3, and 4) match those on your first remote

Set zone code switches 5 through 9 according to the image below

Slide the battery compartment cover back on until it clicks into place


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