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Connecting an external audio device

Portable audio devices include: iPod®, smartphones, MP3 player, portable CD player, etc.

Portable devices commonly have a 1/8" (3.5 mm) output jack. If yours does, you will need a 1/8" stereo male to a dual male RCA analog cable.

To connect your portable audio device to the Lifestyle® system:

  • Insert the 1/8" (3.5 mm) plug into the output of your portable device. Some devices will have a connection marked "line out." If your device does not have this, use the headphone connection
  • Matching the colors, insert the dual male RCA plugs into one of the available INPUTS on the back of the multi-room interface
  • On the Personal music center, press the matching source button (AUX, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2 or TAPE IN) in order to hear audio from your device
  • Turn on your audio source, press play and turn the volume up to approximately 80% of its capacity
  • On the remote, use the VOLUME buttons to control the overall sound of your product


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