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Playing a CD

To play a CD on the system, follow these steps:

on the remote, press cd/dvd to select the disc player as your source. this will turn the system on if it was off

on the media center, lift the door and press the open/close button. the tray will eject

Insert a CD into the disc tray, with the label facing up

press the open/close button again to close the tray

on the remote, press play

Remote functions to operate a CD

cd/dvd: press to select the cd as the source.

play: press to play a cd. also resumes play after pausing.

pause: press to pause the cd. press again to resume play.

stop: press to stop the disc.

repeat: while a disc is playing, press once to repeat a track. press twice to repeat the entire cd.

channel/chapter/preset/track: press the up arrow to skip to the next track. while a track is playing, press the down arrow once to go back to the beginning of the track; press twice to go to the previous track.

scan back: press and hold to scan backward through the disc.

scan forward: press and hold to scan forward through the disc.

note: the scan feature is not compatible with mp3 cds.

shuffle: press once to randomly play cd tracks; press again to cancel shuffle mode.


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