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Understanding the battery status light

Checking the battery charge level

To check the remaining charge level on the battery, press and hold the power button and observe the battery status indicator on the front of the speaker.

green: 70% or more of full charge

yellow: 20% to 70% of full charge

red: 20% or less (charge needed)

Battery status indicator while charging

While charging your battery, the battery status indicator will be yellow. When the charge level reaches 100%, the battery status indicator will turn off.

Charging status:

yellow: battery charging

off: charging cycle done

Important notes:

  • The color of the battery status indicator will not change from yellow to green during the charge cycle. You will only see the green battery status indicator when you press and hold the power button to confirm the charge level
  • The image of the battery will not change as the battery charges. It will always show what appears to be a partially full battery


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