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Using the headset for calls

you can respond to an incoming call or initiate a call with one press of the call button. you may notice a brief tone when the headset reacts to each new action.


Basic call actions:

answer an incoming call by pressing the call button


Make a call by either:

pressing the call button and using voice commands to select and dial the phone number (if your mobile phone responds to voice commands)


Using your phone directly to choose and dial the number you want

Then you can complete the call without using your phone again.

end a call by pressing the call button


adjust the volume by pressing the volume + or volume – button during a call. or change the volume on your phone

Volume +

Volume -

mute a call by pressing the volume + and volume – buttons at the same time. press the two buttons again to unmute the call

Volume + / Volume -

transfer the audio to your mobile phone by pressing and holding the call button (during a single phone call only)


redial a call by pressing the call button two times


reject an incoming call by briefly pressing and holding the call button


put an active call on hold and answer the other phone by pressing the call button. this feature is known as call waiting


switch between two calls by pressing the call button twice. this is called three-way calling. it also allows you to hold conference calls, if your phone provides this feature



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